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All engines come with a two year warranty.

Our engines are not marinized auto or industrial engines. They are designed and built directly for the tough marine environment. All engines are of cast iron construction and engineered for a very long life at sea.

As of 2007, we celebrate 101 years of marine engine manufacture.



Our Product Specification sheets are in Adobe PDF format. If you cannot

open them download Adobe Reader (free) - CLICK on the icon below and

follow the simple download and installation instructions.



DV7 ME                      DV24 ME                   DV32 ME



DV36 ME                  DV48 ME                          DV10 ME




DV10 SLME                      DV24 SME                 DV36 SME



The DV20 ME and DV28 ME are older model engines but we do recondition

them. There are no specification sheets available for these at present.