Founded as machine works in 1899, Aabenraa Motorfabrik built their first marine engine in 1904. Since then many different engine types have been produced for many different purposes, but for many years CALLESEN engines have been used for propulsion of small ships like fishing boats, freighters, tugs and ice breakers. In 1995 Aabenraa Motorfabrik took over the production of BUKH diesel engines, extending the delivery program to include small engines for pleasure boats, lifeboats and generating sets.
Aabenraa Motorfabrik are OEM manufacturers of BUKH engines and one of the few remaining producers in the world who are not just marinizers of other companies' products, and as such full responsibility for the products rests with us. Moreover, Aabenraa Motorfabrik are suppliers of Bukh+Steyr Solas engines for fast rescue boats. These engines are approved to the Solas/IMO regulations.
The BUKH engines are all "born" marine engines, not marinized industrial or automotive engines, and they have a long working life and are designed in every respect for marine propulsion use.
The engines - rated at 10-24-36-48 HP - are used for:
- Marine propulsion (pleasure boats, small workboats and lifeboats)
- Marine generating sets
- Combined marine auxiliary applications for fishing trawlers or similar purposes
- Supplied as irrigation water pump sets with Danish-built pumps
One of our main fields of activity is the international market for lifeboats where the BUKH engines are used by lifeboat builders all over the world. To be supplied to this special market, the engines need to be certified by national maritime authorities as well as classification societies. The BUKH engines have more than 22 different type approvals from various authorities as mentioned above.